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Olivia on the way

Jimmy and Kathy were about to have Olivia in a months time when these photos were taken. And as of today, Olivia is already here in the world. she arrived on 24th of November, at 3.1kg. Stay tuned for her ‘arrival’ photos coming soon!!!… ūüôā

some of the shots from our outing with the proud father and mother are available here https://gregemmanuel.wordpress.com/pregnancy-newborn/

Congratulations Jimmy and Kathy!!! 

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Mean Machines 2010

Mean Machines 2010 (Penang) was held on the 23rd and 24th of October 2010.¬†NutmegStudio was Official Photography Sponsors hence we all had the best seat in town. Not to mention we were also part time body guards for the participants of Miss Mean Machine 2010….LOL…

The 2 day, 12pm to 12am schedule was packed with machine action from base pumping rides,

to fancy Louis Vutton interiors

slick and antic bikes




to pimped-up cars,


and not to mention rubber burning drifting.

Which I guess is not for everyone… ūüôā


Not only was the crowd huge,

there were also tons of photography enthusiast…


which I’m not sure whether they were there only for the rides, but am quite sure also for the Miss Mean Machine 2010 competition. The participants took to stride by posing with the cars on display


The event ended with the grand finals of the Miss Mean Machine showdown of the 16 contestant.


With the top three announced.

For a summary slide show and more thumbnails of the 2 day event, go to my Events Page https://gregemmanuel.wordpress.com/events/.


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Photography Portfolio : www.flickr.com/gregemmanuel

Why Canon?

Why did I choose Canon? No, it¬†wasn’t¬†because of those white lens that looked really cool. To me when buying an electronic equipment, among the most important is service and warranty. If it fails to work within the¬†warranty¬†period, would i be able to get it fixed easily? that was and still is my biggest concern. That’s one of the biggest reasons why i chose Canon instead of the other major player in DLSR camera’s. Because i felt that Canon had better after sales services, and their market presences was really stronger. But the other major reason was because i had a very bad experience with a compact camera by ‘N’…HAHA…

Another good part which i realized only after i bought my first entry level dslr was, it also comes with some pretty neat guide books and photography tips to teach you the basics of photography.

But of course from Day 1, they were also practically poisoning you with the lenses and the effects that you will get using them. It is¬†after all, marketing…in which Canon is very good at.¬†Nevertheless, they were very good guides to begin with. It provided beginners direction to understanding the most commonly used camera setting, the Av and Tv modes. Is also focused on Canon’s Image Stabilizers(IS) and Ultra Sonic Motor capabilities (USM) in which you will learn to appreciate as your passion and drive for performance increases. This guide books were back in 2008. I wonder if their beginner guides are even better these days. But then again, Canon these days has a lot of workshops to get you started…so why bother with guide books, help save some trees… =P

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Festival of Lights

I love deepavali @ diwali. the colors are just so vibrant and wonderful… and especially the FOOD!!! …. i just love it!!!…

Just wanted to wish all my Hindu friends a Happy Diwali….even if its a week after….Hope everyone had a good one!!!

and i’m sure those who werent celebrating were also enjoying their time off.

Have a great weekend everyone!


From Greg Emmanuel

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[2010-09-18] Gabriel + Alison

This is a summary of events that took place on the 18th Sept 2010, a beautiful Saturday, where we celebrated the beautiful union of Gabriel Hiew and Alison Poon. I’m very glad to be a part of this wonderful celebration. Congratulations to you both!!!

630am the bride is up early preparing…


*Spray spray*… so is the groom…


Its customary that the groom and his band of brothers complete some task in order to see the bride…

and so the games began…the groom figuring out which socks the bride put on earlier…*sniff sniff*


Top: Best man dressed as the bride, and groom had to propose to ‚Äėher‚Äô.

Bottom Right: Spelling the bride’s name in chinese with bananas

Bottom Left: After which the band of brothers had to finish the bananas.


Top left: Groom declaring his love to his bride in Kantonese (the brides mother tongue)

Top right: Groom giving ‘angpow’

Bottom: the ‘dai kam jie’ (Chaperon)¬†giving advice to the groom.


Alison, the Bride…


the Lovely Bride awaits her shining Knight in white. A little nervousness began to creep in as well.



Our Lady of Sorrows, Penang the venue for the exchange of vows and to receive the Sacrement of Holy Matrimony


The groom welcoming his bride to be ‚Äėby his side‚Äô with a song‚Ķ


aawwwwww‚Ķ.i dont need to explain this one‚Ķ ūüôā



Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hiew.


Sorry, had to sensor this in the case there are viewers below 18 years of age viewing this blog…haha…


the lovely couple on the way …


Bottom right: Back home, a little boy is invited to jump on the bed to bring about good blessings of bearing children for the couple


@ the Reception Dinner



Wishing you all the best in your new lives together. May God Bless you abundantly in every way possible.

From Greg Emmanuel

Wedding Portfolio: https://gregemmanuel.wordpress.com/wedding-actual-day/

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Photography Portfolio : www.flickr.com/gregemmanuel

the saga begins…

Today is the day I kick-off this blog.¬† It will be a place to share my passion for photography, which I’m pretty much into these days.¬† A place to share my life with everyone around me, and to those I am yet to meet. My portfolios of photos are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregemmanuel/sets/.

I currently own an EOS Canon 1000D, which I feel i have mastered pretty well in the almost 2 years that i have owned it. One of my greatest achievement by far is getting one of my photos published in Digital Camera Magazine (April 2010 Malaysia Edition).

Marina Bay Pier, Penang at Dawn
Marina Bay Pier, Penang at Dawn [f/11, iso 100, 61sec | 30th Jan 2010]

This image was captured very early on a Saturday morning from Penang Island. It was taken just as the sun was bridging the horizon. The long shutter allowed me to get good smooth sea with wonderful reflections of the buildings. Plus if you noticed in the horizon, the mainland port is being lit with its activity also brings out silhouettes of the ships at sea.

Besides the occasional landscape outing, I have been on a number of photography assignments like pre-wedding, actual-day wedding, portraiture sessions, and events.

I have been building my skills and learning photography from internet websites, photography forums, books, but most importantly from TT’s (aka Table Talks) with good friends from ShutterAsia. I would definitely name two people who have spurred me on the road of improvement, and those two people are Kevin Chooi and Ridzuan Ismail who are masters in their own field. Not to mention all my photography friends who I enjoy spending time with taking great photos. Your critics are always greatly appreciated. ūüôā

New adventures awaits me i foresee…An adventure I’m really looking forward to.

Stay tuned to view the history of my photography journey and also to my new endeavors ….and so the saga begins….