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Why Canon?

Why did I choose Canon? No, it wasn’t because of those white lens that looked really cool. To me when buying an electronic equipment, among the most important is service and warranty. If it fails to work within the warranty period, would i be able to get it fixed easily? that was and still is my biggest concern. That’s one of the biggest reasons why i chose Canon instead of the other major player in DLSR camera’s. Because i felt that Canon had better after sales services, and their market presences was really stronger. But the other major reason was because i had a very bad experience with a compact camera by ‘N’…HAHA…

Another good part which i realized only after i bought my first entry level dslr was, it also comes with some pretty neat guide books and photography tips to teach you the basics of photography.

But of course from Day 1, they were also practically poisoning you with the lenses and the effects that you will get using them. It is after all, marketing…in which Canon is very good at. Nevertheless, they were very good guides to begin with. It provided beginners direction to understanding the most commonly used camera setting, the Av and Tv modes. Is also focused on Canon’s Image Stabilizers(IS) and Ultra Sonic Motor capabilities (USM) in which you will learn to appreciate as your passion and drive for performance increases. This guide books were back in 2008. I wonder if their beginner guides are even better these days. But then again, Canon these days has a lot of workshops to get you started…so why bother with guide books, help save some trees… =P

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