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The Spirit of MOIS

Ever been to the place with the address of Number One Penang Road?… well, its better known as MOIS (& facebookpage). One of the hottest places in Penang known for its clubbing action. If you’re looking for good music, drinks, good crowd of beautiful ladies and a good night out. This is among the best places to be. I was there to capture the happenings on 19th March 2011. Here are some of the photos from the night.

Here are some of the shots

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Mean Machines 2010

Mean Machines 2010 (Penang) was held on the 23rd and 24th of October 2010. NutmegStudio was Official Photography Sponsors hence we all had the best seat in town. Not to mention we were also part time body guards for the participants of Miss Mean Machine 2010….LOL…

The 2 day, 12pm to 12am schedule was packed with machine action from base pumping rides,

to fancy Louis Vutton interiors

slick and antic bikes




to pimped-up cars,


and not to mention rubber burning drifting.

Which I guess is not for everyone… 🙂


Not only was the crowd huge,

there were also tons of photography enthusiast…


which I’m not sure whether they were there only for the rides, but am quite sure also for the Miss Mean Machine 2010 competition. The participants took to stride by posing with the cars on display


The event ended with the grand finals of the Miss Mean Machine showdown of the 16 contestant.


With the top three announced.

For a summary slide show and more thumbnails of the 2 day event, go to my Events Page https://gregemmanuel.wordpress.com/events/.


Tel No:  +6 012 2209122 | Email: greg_emm@yahoo.com.sg

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