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Aaron + Theresa | Save the Date 26th April 2014


Especially for Aaron and Theresa… 🙂 Congrats you two… can’t wait for your big day.


SweeKheng + KarYee

On 21st & 22nd May 2011, I had the opportunity to be a part of SweeKheng and Karyee’s big day. It was an Ipoh – Taiping wedding filled with fun and laughter. Two Dinners, Two Tea Ceremonies, Two portraiture sessions. Here are some of the photos of the celebration.

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Penang Under-11 Volleyball Tournament

The Penang Volleyball Association organised the Penang Youth Volleyball Carnival. Today, 22nd October 2011 the under-11 tournament kicked of at Batu Uban, MSN Courts. Here are some of the shots.

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The Champions for the Boys, SRKC Peng Bin

The Girls Champions, SRKC Wen Khai

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15 minutes with Nadine Ann Thomas

During the Chinese New Year weekend I was down in Klang Valley to celebrate the occasion with my family. I managed to schedule a short casual portraiture session with Nadine who is also Miss Malaysia Universe 2010. With her busy schedule of glam photo shoots, appearances in public events, running her online boutique, she is also now getting into the music scene by deejaying. Nadine’s public profile is available on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nadine-Ann-Thomas/


Here are some of the shots

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[2010-09-18] Gabriel + Alison

This is a summary of events that took place on the 18th Sept 2010, a beautiful Saturday, where we celebrated the beautiful union of Gabriel Hiew and Alison Poon. I’m very glad to be a part of this wonderful celebration. Congratulations to you both!!!

630am the bride is up early preparing…


*Spray spray*… so is the groom…


Its customary that the groom and his band of brothers complete some task in order to see the bride…

and so the games began…the groom figuring out which socks the bride put on earlier…*sniff sniff*


Top: Best man dressed as the bride, and groom had to propose to ‘her’.

Bottom Right: Spelling the bride’s name in chinese with bananas

Bottom Left: After which the band of brothers had to finish the bananas.


Top left: Groom declaring his love to his bride in Kantonese (the brides mother tongue)

Top right: Groom giving ‘angpow’

Bottom: the ‘dai kam jie’ (Chaperon) giving advice to the groom.


Alison, the Bride…


the Lovely Bride awaits her shining Knight in white. A little nervousness began to creep in as well.



Our Lady of Sorrows, Penang the venue for the exchange of vows and to receive the Sacrement of Holy Matrimony


The groom welcoming his bride to be ‘by his side’ with a song…


aawwwwww….i dont need to explain this one… 🙂



Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hiew.


Sorry, had to sensor this in the case there are viewers below 18 years of age viewing this blog…haha…


the lovely couple on the way …


Bottom right: Back home, a little boy is invited to jump on the bed to bring about good blessings of bearing children for the couple


@ the Reception Dinner



Wishing you all the best in your new lives together. May God Bless you abundantly in every way possible.

From Greg Emmanuel

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