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BonusLink 2017 Calendar

I had the opportunity to showcase 13 of my photos on Bonuslink’s 2017 calendar.

Thank you, BonusLink.  =)




the Thinker



Baby portraiture for Hari Kaamatan, the harvest festival for Sabahans.


Baby Belle

Had a short session with baby Belle. She is sooooo cute…


King + Agnes

It has been a year since they have become a couple…. Happy Anniversary!



The Spirit of MOIS

Ever been to the place with the address of Number One Penang Road?… well, its better known as MOIS (& facebookpage). One of the hottest places in Penang known for its clubbing action. If you’re looking for good music, drinks, good crowd of beautiful ladies and a good night out. This is among the best places to be. I was there to capture the happenings on 19th March 2011. Here are some of the photos from the night.

Here are some of the shots

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Greg Emmanuel Photography

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the saga begins…

Today is the day I kick-off this blog.  It will be a place to share my passion for photography, which I’m pretty much into these days.  A place to share my life with everyone around me, and to those I am yet to meet. My portfolios of photos are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregemmanuel/sets/.

I currently own an EOS Canon 1000D, which I feel i have mastered pretty well in the almost 2 years that i have owned it. One of my greatest achievement by far is getting one of my photos published in Digital Camera Magazine (April 2010 Malaysia Edition).

Marina Bay Pier, Penang at Dawn
Marina Bay Pier, Penang at Dawn [f/11, iso 100, 61sec | 30th Jan 2010]

This image was captured very early on a Saturday morning from Penang Island. It was taken just as the sun was bridging the horizon. The long shutter allowed me to get good smooth sea with wonderful reflections of the buildings. Plus if you noticed in the horizon, the mainland port is being lit with its activity also brings out silhouettes of the ships at sea.

Besides the occasional landscape outing, I have been on a number of photography assignments like pre-wedding, actual-day wedding, portraiture sessions, and events.

I have been building my skills and learning photography from internet websites, photography forums, books, but most importantly from TT’s (aka Table Talks) with good friends from ShutterAsia. I would definitely name two people who have spurred me on the road of improvement, and those two people are Kevin Chooi and Ridzuan Ismail who are masters in their own field. Not to mention all my photography friends who I enjoy spending time with taking great photos. Your critics are always greatly appreciated. 🙂

New adventures awaits me i foresee…An adventure I’m really looking forward to.

Stay tuned to view the history of my photography journey and also to my new endeavors ….and so the saga begins….